Thursday, 2 February 2012

Getting ready to restart work

So, I go back to work on Monday.

Daughter's counts are still low.  She's okay in herself, but this makes her very vulnerable to infections.  They've put her back on chemo still, so I'm suspecting that this might make her counts drop further.

I think, when I go back in, I'm going to be worrying about her endlessly.  I'm already a bit of a depressive/anxious wreck as it is.  We need the money so I have to work.  We can't afford for me to be out of a job.  My employers have been so good with me, supporting me, and I've had over a year off now.  It's not their fault that the nature of the illness that daughter has means that she will need another year of treatment yet.  This is my problem, not their's. 

I just hope it goes okay.  I want to work for my sanity too.  Spending so much time in these four walls is not doing my mental health any good either.

The long, slow, painful, punishing burn of treating leukaemia...

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