Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Sick, sick and more sick

I am off again today as I have tummy bug, thanks to daughter who picked it up at school yesterday.  
We've been ticking along recently.  Her counts are a bit higher, but they have dropped her chemo dose down.  I'm not sure what this will mean for her leukaemia though.
We've booked a huge holiday to celebrate the end of treatment next year.  We're taking kids to Disneyland, Florida, staying in Animal Kingdom Lodge.  I was so excited when I booked it, although a touch daunted about finding the cash.  We will be living on beans for the next 15 months!  We wanted something to be excited about after what has been the most difficult couple of years ever for all of us.

On a sad note, we lost a little boy who we knew from clinic.  I am so very sorry for his parents.  he was a lovely, lively little chap and it once again reaffirmed how cruel this illness is.  We've also heard of other children who have had bad news in terms of relapse and survival.  :-(

It is difficult unless you are a cancer parent to understand the stress you go through being surrounded by this world.  My life is a mixture of pretending to be normal (attempting to go to work, shopping, cooking, washing) juxtaposed with a stream of hospital stays, extreme worry and bad news.  

I feel a little bit sick most of the time.

Except today, when, because of the bug, I feel a lot sick.  

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