Sunday, 30 September 2012

Even if you cannot hear my voice

For those who have not survived this year.  For those we loved and have lost.  For the parents who will never hold their child again.

I have linked to this in a couple of places.  It is a song that, when I hear it, makes me think of all of us, huddled in hospital bays, praying that our child will get better.  It is cannulas in feet when there are no more veins in arms.  It is feeding tubes.  It is bone marrow transplants and months in isolation.  It is what we go through, sitting by their side, hoping.  And sometimes that isn't enough.

Much love to all of you, and such, such sadness.

The end of childhood cancer awareness month.  Please be aware, please don't be fobbed off by inadequate GPs or dismissive consultants.  If in doubt, FIGHT.

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