Wednesday, 2 January 2013


We are home and facing one of those days where I have to find homes for the ton of stuff that we got given at Christmas.  I am sure it multiplied in the car on the way home.

The district nurse came at 8am to take daughter's bloods.  She has a check mid-month to make sure that her chemo doesn't need adjusting.  This was a bit of a shock to the system as we've all got into that dangerous habit of going to bed at 12 and getting up at 10 or 11.  Normally, we settle in at 9pm as husband has to be up at 5am.  Last night was interesting - lots of under-the-breath swearing as he couldn't get to sleep.  Then you fall into that dangerous pattern of over-thinking why you can't sleep, and counting down to when you need to be up.  He must feel pretty shocking today.  I struggled and made myself get up at 7, and now I am procrastinating as there is so much to be done, but I'm tired and want to sit on the sofa finding creative inspiration and doing as little as possible.

Daughter had her bloods done and went back to bed.  Ah, to be fourteen with none of the responsibility.

I managed to do a little crochet yesterday in a nod to my do something creative every day.  I will make some time today.  If I manage to get sorted out, I might get a chance to open my sewing machine.  I must admit, I am a bit afraid of it.  I am a complete beginner and my brain struggles with new things at the moment.  However, I am determined to learn and now that I have a shiny new machine, I have no excuses.

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