Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Bad juju?

I am once again starting my day having to phone in work.  Daughter has some kind of virus; she is feeling really wiped, sick, and her temperature has been creeping up.  I need to keep a close eye in case it goes past 38, which is the 'warning' level for cancer patients and it means that we need to contact hospital.  If her counts were low too, it would automatically mean hospital.

Son is still getting over the chicken pox: we've had some nasty ones that won't heal.

Husband now seems to have crappy virus too, so I can't leave him to look after them in case there is a problem with daughter and she needs to be taken in.


I must have some bad juju in my house.  I'm wondering about getting a priest in to exorcise it.  Or about waffing some sage about for a good cleanse.

I have no idea how we manage to continually attract such crappy health.  I could understand it if we ate piles of rubbish (ignores two pizzas from last week... bad example) and were really unhealthy.  We aren't.  We eat lots of the 'right' food (plenty fruit, veg, OJ, wholewheat, largely vegetarian with some fish) and get out and about when we can.  

Perhaps if I was mainlining vodka, smoking and eating Chinese all week, things would be better?  :-D

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