Thursday, 29 March 2012

Pneumonia and a very sad loss

We are on day 6 of the very heavy duty antibiotics.  It seems that daughter's temperature has calmed down a bit, though her chest is still very noisy.  She does have pneumonia, so she is going nowhere until we know it's beaten.

A girl on the ward died.  We knew her and her mum.  I held up in front of daughter, but as soon as I left hospital to come home (it's her dad's turn to stay), I cried all the way back in the car and for a good couple of hours after that.  She was a child - a beautiful girl with everything in front of her.  She had fought with this illness for years.  It is so very cruel.  

My thoughts are with her family and her friends.  I am very, very sorry for their loss.  

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