Wednesday, 12 December 2012

Back to work and hairy issues

I have returned to work, thanks to medication and a rest.  I am hoping that this time will be better.  I am still very up and down in myself: the stress is working its way out.  I have been living on edge for months now and it has finally taken me over.  I think I am on the mend though.

Daughter's chemo is now at 75% of a full dose as this is all she can tolerate without her counts repeatedly dropping below what they need to be for her to keep taking the pills.  She is looking a little better and her hair is crazy now.  It is very dark and thick, and difficult to tame.  She loves having it back though!

Last week we were worried that she was losing it again - this can happen, even later into maintenance chemo.  However, we think it was just the fact it is longer now so when she naturally loses it it is more noticeable.  I am relieved as I wouldn't want her to have to go through that again.

4.5 months to go.  

Today I am grateful for:

Leftover mushroom stoup - yum.
All those kids I know ;-).
My excitable 3 year old getting mentally prepared for his birthday.
Nurse Jackie - I bloody love Nurse Jackie, although I am sad that the season has ended.
Crochet.  I taught myself in Summer and my first big project (after the one I rejected part way through) looks like it is coming together.  It is bright, colourful and soft.  I love it.

I am not grateful for the fat cat who has taken up residence on my ironing board.  So, I have a hairy daughter in the best possible way, and a hairy ironing board in the worst possible way.  

The cat is looking very pleased with himself.   

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