Saturday, 8 December 2012

Remember when I said I was grateful...

... for my parents picking the children up and taking them away so I could crack on with the Christmas prep?

Remind me of that in a couple of hours when I am firmly into present wrapping territory!!

It's also son's 4th birthday on the 16th and we shall be descending into overcrowded, chaotic soft with approximately twenty 1-6 year olds merely 9 days before Christmas.  It will be mental.  I will need to lie down afterwards.

Daughter won't be allowed to come to soft play.  Don't pity her, she is nearly 14 and is much happier at home.  I am a little jealous!  It is too busy and we want to avoid big crowds near Christmas so we don't risk her catching an infection and being an inpatient over the holidays.  

This year we are going back to the parents, over an hour away, for Christmas so am hoping that 1) she stays well and 2) it doesn't snow.  Driving there in snow a couple of years ago taught me I never, ever want to do that again.  I am a snow wuss.

Hoping everyone else is enjoying (ha ha) their Christmas prep.  If we manage to get on today, I will be treating myself to Christmas Market - without nattering children - and hot chocolate tomorrow, followed by Christingle.  

I am not religious, but I love the Church at this time of year.  I see Christmas as a time for gratitude and reflection, as well as hope for the year ahead.  I also think it makes me feel part of something bigger, and that often gets a bit lost among the present buying/food shopping/wrapping/celebrating.  I like to be connected.  Without wanting to sound trite, I am someone who hopes I show that I genuinely care about other people and I try to be a good and kind person.  Being in a place with peace, and candles, and community where we remember a figurehead for this - real or not - is a nice reminder of my values.  It is also a bonus that son will still be with my parents so I will not have to beast-wrangle for the duration of the service as I did last year.

A peaceful and joyful pre-Christmas weekend to you all.  May your present wrapping be swift and painless and your Baileys' glass full.  

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