Thursday, 6 December 2012


I am trying to drag myself out of my miserable place. One way is daily gratitude. Yes, things are pretty shitty for us but I have to remember what we have that I should be grateful for. 


 1. My children sitting with me, lit by twinkling Christmas lights, in a warm home watching a film together. 

 2. Good food cooking on the stove for tea later. (Vege stew, yorkshire puddings and quorn sausages. One of daughter's fave teas.) 

 3. My cats going insane for the new catnip toy I bought them, that was supposed to be for Christmas but they were after it the moment that I brought it into the house earlier. 

 4. My parents are picking up the children tomorrow so that husband and I can have a weekend together prepping Christmas. I am very excited about this, even though I am paling a little at the number of presents I will be wrapping by myself. I've no doubt that husband's contribution will be tea-making and mince pie consumption. I might go wild and have another Baileys. 

 5. Baileys. I am very grateful for that. With milk, over ice. 

 6. I am also very, very grateful for mince pies, although I am not sure the scales will be when I get weighed on Saturday at Slimming World. 

 7. Mumsnet. I love it, especially the wonderful people who try to keep me afloat on the children with cancer thread. I started it nearly a year ago now. Part of me is sad that there is a need for it, but I am very grateful for the company of some amazing women on there. Strangers brought together in adversity, sharing the best and worst of times, there to listen to things we can't say to our nearest and dearest. I am praying for wonderful Christmases for all of them, that their children get some respite from illness so that families can be together in their homes, where they belong. 

 I have a lot to be grateful for. 

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