Sunday, 15 January 2012

Another week

So, she has managed a few bits of days at school.  We were feeling positive until I picked her up on Friday.  She looked quite tired then.  I think it will take her a while to manage full time again.

She is due to go to hospital for her vincristine on Thursday, so another few tired days to come.  It wipes her out, makes her feel sick and sore and hurts her mouth.  Teen girls are particularly affected by it for some reason.

I am trying to sort myself out still.  I've managed a week of good eating and regular exercise, although I've managed to pull my back a bit as I'm so unfit and unused to it.  I'm feeling quite lost at the moment.  I've been reading threads about letting yourself go, and I haven't made any effort on myself for the past few years.  The only time I look nice, with nice clothes, is when I go to work.  So, because I'm not working at the moment I've just looked a state for the past 12 months.  It doesn't help that I've regained lost baby weight and I'm in fairly naff clothes.  I haven't got the budget to go and buy more, plus I'm doing that thing to myself where I refuse to buy clothes whilst I'm fat. 

Resolution: to make more of an effort with myself for me.  It will make me feel better.  :-)

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