Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Back to school

Daughter went back to school today.  She is supposed to try and lead a normal life for the 18 months that she is on maintenance chemotherapy.

She's doing a phased return.  She was there for 4 lessons today, so most of it.

She's had to go back into the year below because she's missed so much school, although she has been put into a form group with another girl who had ALL when she was younger and was held back a year.  At least she's not alone.

I picked her up and already her joints are starting to hurt her.  Last time we tried school, her joints hurt, then she got a virus, then her leg swelled up so much she had to have the fluid drained off it in theatre.  She obviously wasn't up to it.  I'm really hoping this time is different.

I feel a bit fed up today.  Being stuck in limbo, not knowing whether I will be able to resume my normal life or not, is taking its toll.  I'm trying to throw myself into being a good housewife, especially now that our income is getting tighter, but I'm not great at keeping with it.  I start something, then keep finding myself sitting on the sofa, on the internet, eating Christmas biscuits.

I need to get some self control.

I could also do with a friend; I'm getting rather sick of my own company.


  1. Oh Joanne- you sound so sad- I wish I could give you a hug. You are going through hell right now- I really hope that your daughter settles well into this new year. You're not alone- I'm here if you ever want to talk, emmax

  2. Thanks Emma, I really appreciate the offer. I am fed up, but hoping, as always, things will get better soon. The only way is onwards. Thank you again for your kind comments :-)