Thursday, 19 January 2012

Back to work?

I had a meeting with work and they have agreed to me phasing back in.  They were incredibly lovely and supportive.  It is a big weight off my shoulders as I was getting worried about my job and future income.  We need me to work; I don't have a choice.  I asked the consultant about parents working, and she said that many still do through maintenance chemo. 

I think it's the luck of the draw really.  Whilst she is well, I'll be fine to go in.  As soon as she gets poorly it will all grind to a halt again.

She had her bloods checked yesterday and she is once again neutropenic.  Her platelets are also low and she's getting a rash.  They have taken her off chemo for a week to give her body a chance to recover.  If her platelets stay low, then it will be transfusion time again.  She's actually okay in herself, just full of cold which is the virus that's probably knocked her neutrophil count so low.

They still want her to go to school if she feels up to it.  Many of the infections chemo patients get come from bugs in their own bodies, although they do need to be careful with external sources.

She still had her vincristine yesterday, so she'll be feeling pretty shocking today.  It gives her back pain, sore mouth, joint pain and makes her feel very sick.  She does get 5 days off steroids alongside it to boost her.  Cheese strings beware!  The monster appetite will be back in a couple of days.

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