Thursday, 8 December 2011


Even though life has ground to a halt, we seem to be in the midst of chaos.

At this stage of my daughter's treatment, she should be on a programme of home maintenance.  This means that she has a blood check at home by a community nurse once a fortnight, and attends the clinic at hospital once a month in order to get her chemotherapy tablets.  Her blood count might adjust the amount of tablets that she has to take, but most of her time should be spent at home and going back to school.

Unfortunately, as she keeps getting infections - the most recent was a very nasty sinus one that refused to shift for 6 weeks - then we are still going to the hospital frequently.  She also has home teaching two or three times a week.  I always find myself having to negotiate around hospital appointments and teaching sessions, trying to fit in my responsibility to my little one too.  I'm finding it rather chaotic.  It seems much easier just to go to work each day; everybody is in their place during working hours, then we come home and are all together.  Instead, I am a headless chicken of negotiation, trying to fit everybody in and having to keep a meticulous calendar.  

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