Wednesday, 14 December 2011


Life is one big wait at the moment.  

I vaguely recall that when Ade Edmonson was interviewed about Jennifer Saunders' breast cancer, he said that people were under the impression that it was like a car crash of horror, but it's not, it's a long, slow, painful slog.

Much of this is because of the waiting.  

We are waiting for normal life to resume; waiting for her body to be well again; waiting to return to school and work; waiting for money, and the choices that it gives us, to come back; waiting for being able to go out and do things without restriction.

Today, we are waiting for her blood test results.  She's been off chemo for 3 weeks now, which isn't ideal, as her counts are too low to continue.   I am hoping that she will get the all clear to be able to restart her treatment tomorrow.

I am presently waiting for my son's 3rd birthday cake to finish baking.  I am not a good baker.  My cakes are pretty craptacular.  This year, for a bit of variety, I have purchased a 'cheat' sugar paper Fireman Sam picture to put on top instead of the normal smarties.  This would be great, except husband has just pointed out that the chocolate underneath might obscure it, given that it is a thin, white picture...

I think it could be some time before I attempt any kind of cake that is an actual thing.  Well, it's chocolate, so it'll taste okay.  That's as long as I stop typing this and go and get it out of the oven.  :-)

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