Monday, 26 December 2011

Vincristine fatigue

We managed Christmas at home!  We had a lovely day.  It was our first one together at home as we normally go to the parents'. 

Daughter was really pleased with all of her presents, mainly because they were largely comprised of 'Living Dead Dolls'.  She collects these.  She also got a kindle with some books and a pair of vampire bunny slippers - she is a ghoulish child!

The steroids had kicked in so she managed her Christmas dinner too.  

I just felt incredibly thankful that we were all together.  I daren't dwell on what might have happened if I hadn't pushed her diagnosis with the hospital this time last year.

She has got vincristine fatigue from the chemo that she had on Thursday.  She is feeling very tired and aches, but we are used to this as it is regular side effect.  She's looking forward to going to her dad's this evening and getting her second Christmas!

We are nearly at a year since diagnosis.  I will muse on this more later as I have so many things going through my mind.  I need some blog therapy :-)

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